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Dinosaurs Not Included

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ISBN 9783125011571 | Pages 96
School is Ivy's world. Her grades are stunning, she's popular, and this year, she's even the homecoming princess. But most of all, school is a safe place where Ivy can actually be herself and escape from the reality of life at home. A life dictated by her brother Ben's autism. Ben knows a lot about dinosaurs, but not so much about people. He ruins everything. Ivy's dad left because of Ben, her mom doesn't have any time for her because of Ben, and everything, seriously everything, is about stopping a meltdown before it even happens. When her mom decides that Ben should go to Ivy's school too, she is devastated. But as other people start appreciating him, Ivy begins to realize that actually, maybe Ben - and even his dinosaurs - aren't so bad after all.
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DELTA Readers: Me and my world

DELTA Readers "Me and my World" is a series which aims to share stories about people’s lives around the world and the issues that they are confronted with.