Cover Delta Business Communication Skills: Socialising B1-B2 978-3-12-501322-3
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B1 - B2
Delta Business Communication Skills: Socialising B1-B2

Coursebook with Audio CD

ISBN 9783125013223 | Pages 64
Socialising helps learners of Business English to develop the skills and language needed to establish and build effective social relationships with present and future business partners.
The book practices language and skills in the following areas:
- Opening a conversation
- Making conversation
- Building rapport
- Entertaining
- Making arrangements
  - Leave-taking
Socialising provides six core units, each containing these sections:
- "warmer" to raise awareness of the skills involved in effective communication and to introduce different strategies for developing these skills.
- "presentation and practice" of core language connected to each skill.
- "over to you", which allows students to apply what they have learned to their real-life work situation.
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DELTA Business Communication Skills

The DELTA Business Communication Skills series is designed to help learners at Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels to master the key communication skills required in international business English today. Each book in the series is designed for classroom use, but is also suitable for self-study