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Class Act
Short plays with activites for young learners

Book with photocopiable activities + Audio CD

ISBN 9783125017252 | Pages 79
Class Act is a photocopiable collection of 12 short plays aimed at young learners of English, aged 7-11. The plays cover a variety of topics and genres, including traditional and modern tales, comedy and fantasy. The plays offer an age-appropriate and fun way for young children to practise useful language in English through enjoyable and motivating storylines.
The plays are
graded in order of difficulty to suit a range of levels. The plays involve listening, speaking, watching and plenty of movement and are suitable for mixed-abilities and different learning styles.
While boosting pupils ' linguistic skills, the plays also build their confidence, by providing  the opportunity to practise a number of skills such as  listening, reading, expressive reading/speaking, memorising through listening and repetition, and writing.
Each of the 12 plays in Class Act is accompanied by:
  • an audio version on CD
  • advice provided in the introduction
  • individual notes with specific details of key vocabulary, functions and grammar covered
  • ideas for preparatory work and step-by-step suggestions for work on the play plus suggestions for related cross-curricular activities and extension work
  • details of costumes, props, sets and sound effects, if needed
  • a photocopiable script
  • three photocopiable worksheets (a scene setting picture, a listening activity and an activity to help pupils learn their lines).
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