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Challenging Children
Imaginative activities to inspire young learners
ISBN 9783125016026 | Pages 96
Challenging Children, part of the Professional Perspectives series, recognises that teaching young learners is as rewarding as it is challenging. Young learners demand special attention and stimulation if they are to learn effectively. Lessons need to be planned and delivered in such a way that pupils hardly notice that they are learning a new language.
The main aim of
Challenging Children is to:
  • activivate their linguistic abilities
  • generate vocabulary
  • arouse their interest in the learning process
Challenging Children offers a series of activities for pupils from five to twelve years, divided into three levels of difficulties.
The activities are easily adaptable. They need little or no preparation and the instructions are concise and clear. They can be used with or without a coursebook; as warmers, fillers or your main lesson.
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