Cover Business Impact 1.1 B1-B2 - Hybrid Edition allango 978-3-12-501070-3
allango Hybrid B1 - B2
Business Impact 1.1 B1-B2 - Hybrid Edition allango

Business English Modules 1.1.A, 1.1.B, 1.1.C including allango licence key (24 months)

ISBN 9783125010703 | Pages 104
The Hybrid Edition means that you can use both the Print Edition and Digital Edition. You'll find a licence key (for teachers and students) in the Print Edition which gives you direct access to the Digital Edition and all the digital media content on the allango learning platform.
Better English for better business:
  • Unique structure catering for 60-minute and/or 90-minute lessons
  • Focus on speaking and communicating in real business situations
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Business Impact

Business Impact is a unique modular business English course, available in 6 books on two levels and/or individual digital modules. It's specifically aimed at business professionals and suitable for all business English courses, in particular in-company courses. The 3 modules of each book have a clear focus on one of the core areas of business English.