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Bloggers 4 A2 - B1
Connecting you to English around the world

Workbook with digital extras

ISBN 9783125012097 | Pages 127
Bloggers is a four-level course for lower secondary students. It is truly international! The bloggers are from English-speaking countries around the world. In Bloggers 4 DAVID, HANNAH, CONOR, GRACE, PADMA and BEN blog, vlog and share aspects of their lives as well as their thoughts on global issues - connecting YOU to English around the world.
What's in your Workbook?

  • Opportunities to reflect on what you've been learning in class
  • More vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation practice
  • Ideas to help you learn more - faster!
  • Tools to help you evaluate the success of your challenges
  • Crosswords and puzzles and...
  • Each unit finishes with a progress check - so you can see how your skills are developing
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Bloggers Connecting you to English around the world

The course follows the blogs of five teenagers from London, New York, Dublin, Los Angeles and Glasgow and really engages students with relevant and culturally specific subjects. Each unit provides students with a challenge that gives a real sense of achievement.

Bloggers has been written by teachers who know what students want and need in their course.