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A2 - B1
Bloggers 4
Connecting you to English around the world

Teacher's Book

ISBN 9783125012172 | Pages 249
Bloggers is a project-based four-level course for lower secondary students. As you teach with Bloggers, you will introduce your students to six Bloggers from English-speaking countries around the world. Along this international journey connecting your students to English around the world, this Teacher's Book will help you...
Prepare the course
✓ overview of how
the course works and the key principles behind it
✓ clear course, unit and lesson objectives
✓ routes to navigate the content and step-by-step instructions along the way
✓ suggestions for revision and homework
Adapt the content to your students' needs and abilities
✓ different ways of exploiting the same activity
✓ suggestions, activities and tasks for differentiation
✓ ideas for successful and flexible collaboration on project work
Evaluate your students
✓ evaluation sheets for tasks
✓ detailed evaluation grid for the final challenges
✓ progress checks for all skills: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Interacting
Enrich the course
✓ additional topic information
✓ cultural tips
✓ advice on how to work with and connect the different course components
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DELTA Augmented: Scan, learn, discover!