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Bloggers 1
Connecting you to English around the world

Teacher’s Book

ISBN 9783125012141 | Pages 229
Bloggers is a project-based four-level course for lower secondary students. As you teach with Bloggers, you will introduce your students to six Bloggers from English-speaking countries around the world. Along this international journey connecting your students to English around the world, this Teacher's Book will help you...
Prepare the course
✓ overview of how
the course works and the key principles behind it
✓ clear course, unit and lesson objectives
✓ routes to navigate the content and step-by-step instructions along the way
✓ suggestions for revision and homework
Adapt the content to your students' needs and abilities
✓ different ways of exploiting the same activity
✓ suggestions, activities and tasks for differentiation
✓ ideas for successful and flexible collaboration on project work
Evaluate your students
✓ evaluation sheets for tasks
✓ detailed evaluation grid for the final challenges
✓ progress checks for all skills: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Interacting
Enrich the course
✓ additional topic information
✓ cultural tips
✓ advice on how to work with and connect the different course components
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Bloggers Connecting you to English around the world

The course follows the blogs of five teenagers from London, New York, Dublin, Los Angeles and Glasgow and really engages students with relevant and culturally specific subjects. Each unit provides students with a challenge that gives a real sense of achievement.

Bloggers has been written by teachers who know what students want and need in their course.