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Authentic Listening Resource Pack
Bridging the gap to real-world listening

Teacher's Resource Book with digital extras

ISBN 9783125017306 | Pages 144
Authentic Listening Resource Pack provides an invaluable bank of selected audio and video material offering authentic listening practice, essential in developing students' listening skills in preparation for being exposed to "real" English.
Authentic Listening Resource Pack consists of over 4 hours of authentic audio and video materials supported by photocopiable worksheets.
   The recordings are broken down into segments, including micro-listenings, so that students can develop a range of listening competences, and comprehensively practice listening techniques that develop the skills they need to cope with real spoken language in the outside world.
Key features:
  • authentic texts use unscripted video and radio materials
  • listening materials include an international range of accents
  • 'micro-edits' highlight features of spoken English and pronunciation in context
  • original tasks teach listening, not just test it
  • materials are scaffolded to take learners from coursebook English to authentic speech
  • provides strategies for dealing with features of fast spontaneous speech
  • listening materials available online, providing extra listening opportunities for students
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