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Activities for Developing Learning Strategies
Establishing learning techniques in the ELT classroom

Book with photocopiable activities

ISBN 9783125017498 | Pages 128
Ideas in Action: Activities for Developing Learning Strategies sets out to equip language teachers with tools and strategies to help all their students become successful language learners.
Activities for Developing Learning Strategies:
  • explains the theory and importance of developing explicit learning strategies and their role in the learning process and learner motivation
  • offers micro-strategies to help teachers integrate learning strategies into both their planning and delivery
  • provides practical tools along with over 30 engaging activities for developing learning strategies
Additional features and resources include:
  • ideas for differentiating and extending the activities for different teaching scenarios
  • downloadable versions of the worksheets accompanying the activities
  • suggestions for adapting the activities for the online learning environment
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DELTA_IiA Learning Strategies

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Thumbnail Teaching tip: Big goals and small steps

Teaching tip: Big goals and small steps

To start the new year you can download a free activity from the book "Activities for Developing Learning Strategies". This is a great way to start the year off with getting your students to set goals and motivate them for the year ahead.

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