Activities for Cooperative Learning
Making groupwork and pairwork effective in the ELT classroom

Book with photocopiable materials

ISBN 9783125017344 | Pages 140
Ideas in Action: Activities for Cooperative Learning provides English teachers of teens and adults with a wide range of ideas for activities that will get learners interacting and communicating effectively in the English language classroom. Each activity type is accompanied by a ready-to-go photocopiable example so that you can try them out in your classroom, and learn from the experience. Activities for Cooperative Learning links the theory and practice of cooperative learning to enable you to learn about one of the most researched and effective approaches in mainstream teaching in the comfort of your own classroom.
Activities for Cooperative Learning:
  • provides a full introduction to cooperative learning, written specifically with the EFL classroom in mind
  • includes suggestions for Micro-strategies and Tools that will support your cooperative learning activities, linked to example units throughout the book
  • encourages the reader to critically evaluate and adapt activities to suit their own teaching context, and also to create their own activities based on the ideas provided
Additional features and resources include:
  • photocopiable worksheets and usage instructions accompanying the activity types
  • key advantages of each activity type for language learning, social and cognitive development
  • ideas for extensions and alternative ways of using the materials
  • a cooperative learning assessment form to help your students become more effective cooperative learners
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DELTA Ideas in Action

Methodology meets practical classroom usage with ready-to-use photocopiable materials.