Activities for Alternative Assessment
Monitoring learning accomplishments in the ELT classroom

Book with photocopiable and online materials

ISBN 9783125017368 | Pages 168
Ideas in Action: Activities for Alternative Assessment
Why is it that some students perform incredibly well in a grammar test, but cannot apply this knowledge in a conversation? How effective is formal language testing in proving how well students can actually apply language to life? In addition to exploring the theoretical background and looking at key concerns teachers
have regarding alternative assessment, this book provides a wide selection of tools, ideas and example activities that teachers can use in their own classroom to support their own assessment practices and monitor learning
> Sample exercise
Activities for Alternative Assessment:
  • starts with a clear overview of the concepts and terminology used when discussing assessment in ELT
  • offers strategies designed to help teachers embed assessment into their teaching
  • provides tools and activities for learning assessment
  • shows that implementing alternative assessment doesn't have to be demanding or time-consuming
Additional features and resources include:
  • ideas for differentiating and extending the activities for different teaching scenarios
  • photocopiable worksheets accompanying most activities
  • suggestions for adapting the activities for the online learning environment
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Activities for Alternative Assessment Sample exercise

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