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A Handbook of Spoken Grammar
Strategies for Speaking Natural English

Book with Audio CD

ISBN 9783125016255 | Pages 95
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Spoken English is now recognized as having its own "grammar" which is not covered in traditional language practice material. Using recent corpus research into spoken English the Handbook of Spoken Grammar teaches learners to speak more naturally, using the patterns that native speakers use when speaking English.
The Handbook of Spoken Grammar is written for students from
intermediate level and above looking to develop natural fluency in their speaking skills. The Handbook of Spoken Grammar is divided into 20 units, each dealing with a spoken grammar strategy to equip students with greater native-like linguistic techniques.
Written for class or self-study use, each spoken grammar strategy is identified in context using conversational examples on the audio CD and short written transcripts. Each strategy is then explained in full before students go on to complete a range of thorough practice activities.
Key features:
  • Helps students of intermediate level and above speak more naturally
  • Based on recent corpus research
  • Designed for class or self-study
  • Perfect as a supplementary resource for spoken English exams
  • Includes free audio CD
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