Business English Professional Development Webinars 2016

Friday 8 January 2016

by Helen Beesley

Join our leading Business English authors for 5 free live professional development webinars, running from February to April 2016. All you will need to participate is a computer and internet connection. Each webinar will last for around 45 minutes.

Participants attending 4 or 5 live webinars will receive a participation certificate. To receive a certificate participants will need to email by 30th April 2016, quoting at least four of the five passwords given at the end of each webinar.

Those who are unable to attend the live webinars will be able to watch the webinar recordings. Links to each webinar recording will be posted on this page the day after each webinar takes place, and will remain available to view for an unlimited period.

Read on to find out more about each webinar, co-hosted with our colleagues at National Geographic Learning, and simply click on the links to register to take part:


Wednesday 10th February 16:00 GMT – Watch the webinar recording here!

Going Mobile: Teaching and learning with mobile devices

Nicky Hockly & Gavin Dudeney

During this webinar we will look at a number of mobile-based activities for general English, and consider how and why using devices might support our students’ language learning. We will examine the choices and challenges involved in using mobile devices with learners. The example activities we share in this webinar are relevant to general English, but we will invite you to consider how mobile devices might best be used in a Business English teaching context.

Nicky Hockly is Director of Pedagogy of the online teacher training and development organization The Consultants-E. She is author of several methodology books on technology in ELT, including Teaching Online and Going Mobile from the Delta Teacher Development Series.

Gavin Dudeney is Director of Technology of the online teacher training and development organization The Consultants-E. He is author of several methodology books, including Going Mobile by Delta Publishing.


Wednesday 24th February 16:00 GMT Watch the webinar recording here!

Engaging busy people!

Julie Pratten 

Providing activities that fully engage business professionals can be a challenge with the fast pace of our hectic lives. How can you make busy executives engage in classroom activities and make simple resources work more effectively? In this webinar, Julie Pratten shares ideas on how to engage business English students in a variety of activities; projects, and presentations, quizzes and challenges. As well as providing practical tips, she also explores how using a few simple strategies and tricks can lead to more sophisticated learning outcomes.

Julie has extensive experience of teaching both business and general English in 20 countries or more. She has experience in implementing specialist English language training for bankers and financial experts. Julie has written several business and finance related books, including Absolute Financial English and Absolute Banking English for Delta Publishing.


Wednesday 9th March 16:00 GMT Watch the webinar recording here!

Leading People Internationally

Steve Flinders

In this 30 minute webinar, Steve Flinders will present the York Associates model for Developing People Internationally – ‘the virtuous circle’ – which can be used for the development of any team and which also serves as the organising principle for Leading People, Steve’s title in the International Management English series published jointly by Delta and York Associates which was shortlisted for an ELTON in 2014.  The model can be applied by trainers as professionals in their own work environments, in the Business English classroom, and in the management training seminar; and will give ideas for actions and activities for each of these.

Steve Flinders is a freelance trainer, writer, consultant and coach, based in Malta, who helps people develop their communication and leadership skills for working internationally. Steve is author of Delta Publishing’s Leading People from the International Management English series.;


Wednesday 23rd March 16:00 GMT Watch the webinar recording here!

Knowing your customers and clients

Richard Nicholas

In the global business world, clients and customers come in all shapes and sizes and being able to explain in English who they are as well as being able to use the correct language to identify them can make a big difference to the way you work, think and do business. This webinar will look at issues of identity and identification as well the language that goes with it. In it, I will explain how you can give your students the tools and lexical ability to do this following a task-based approach.

Richard Nicholas teachers Business and General English at the University of Bocconi and the British Council in Milan. He has taught in Indonesia, Mexico, Taiwan and Italy and is co-author of Heads Up: Spoken English for business by Delta Publishing.


Wednesday 6th April 16:00 GMT Watch the webinar recording here!

Managing Change

Fiona Mee

In this webinar, we will explore how we can use coaching to support people through change.  No change model or programme can prepare people for feelings that they never expected to have or for situations that they never expected to face. Change is a moving dynamic. However, the job of the coach is not to take someone somewhere. In fact if you try to do that you will most likely engender greater resistance than already exists. We must let people make up their own minds and find their own ways. In the webinar, I will examine the need to recognize and validate resistance as a form of creative expression and adjustment. Finally, I will present some ideas for related activities that can be used in the training room.

Fiona Mee worked as a teacher, entrepreneur and manager in Brazil and Germany before joining York Associates in 2008. She is now a company director and Operational Manager and has been responsible for managing change over the last five years. She also delivers intercultural and leadership training. Fiona is author of Managing Change from the International Management English series by Delta Publishing.



7 responses to Business English Professional Development Webinars 2016

  1. […] This webinar is free and open to all and you can find more information and register at… […]

  2. Ken says:

    I’m so thrilled to see all these great webinar topics. Unfortunately, the events will occur during the time I will be commuting to my teaching engagements on Wednesdays. Would there be opportunities for me to catch by watching recordings later?
    Thank you for putting together great relevant topics.
    Ken Kuo
    ESP Trainer

  3. Criss M. says:

    First of all, thank you so much for putting together such wonderful resources and materials for teachers and for a the opportunities you provide.
    Will be a chance for teachers to watch these webinars at a later date too? I know of a few teachers at least who would love to watch these – myself included, but are working during those time intervals. Will you upload the recordings on your website afterwards? I hope you do!

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


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