Where’s Toto?

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Where's Toto? Cover
Author: Elizabeth Laird
Series:Delta Adventures in English
Level:Level One / Pre-A1 / Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters
Published:June 2010
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Key features

Adventures in English contains exciting, easy-to-read stories written to a controlled vocabulary. The series is an ideal start to reading in English for children everywhere and can be used by pupils studying for the Cambridge YLE Tests. Each story has an Audio CD.

Written at three levels, which correspond to the Starters (Pre-A1), Movers (A1) and Flyers (A2) levels of the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests, these readers break new ground in providing stories that are easy to read in English as well as being exciting and fun.

Where’s Toto? is a Level One reader, suitable for Pre-A1 readers, and can be used by pupils studying for the Starters level of the Cambridge YLE Test.

Susie is watching the circus.
But her dog, Toto, wants to play.
He runs into the ring, and then… Where’s Toto?
The answer is a big surprise for everyone!

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Audio CD packaged with book
Book 978-1-905085-50-7

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