The CLIL Resource Pack

Photocopiable and Interactive Whiteboard activities for Primary and Lower Secondary Teachers

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Key features

The CLIL Resource Pack offers teachers a bank of over 120 motivating activities for the CLIL classroom. The Pack consists of a Photocopiable Resource Book and accompanying IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) software as well as over 60 songs, chants, poems and dialogues to enliven the classroom. The materials have been written for use with Primary and Lower Secondary aged pupils.

The CLIL Resource Pack is divided into 10 units covering topics such as Life Cycles, Food, Living Things, Forces and Motion, Weather and Water with cross curricular links to Science, Geography, ICT, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education and English Literature. Each unit contains 6 lessons which are
appropriate for different levels of ability.

The CLIL Resource Pack includes a wide range of CLIL activities and worksheets, all supported by extensive Teacher’s notes plus extension activity ideas. The accompanying IWB CD is an effective teaching tool for bringing topics to life in the classroom through a variety of materials including games,
songs, activities, images and audio passages. Also provided is a bank of web addresses which can be accessed directly from the IWB by clicking on the link.

Key features:

  • each activity is simple to prepare, easy to adapt to individual classroom needs and motivating for young learners
  • each activity can be covered in one lesson
  • each activity focuses not only on cross curricular content, but also on functions, structures and vocabulary areas
  • each activity highlights lexical areas in a pre-activity warm up slot
  • each activity is supplemented with web links for sourcing further information and ideas




One of its great strengths is the breadth of material provided – every lesson has both an IWB activity and a photocopiable activity page, and many have audio tracks – and, as such, it could be a great timesaver for a busy teacher.

Siobhan Chapman

IH Journal of Education and Development, Autumn 2012 PDF

CLIL is a challenging area, and this resource pack should save valuable preparation time.

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, December 2012 PDF

The CLIL Resource Pack is an easy-to-follow, flexible and inspiring tool to facilitate English teaching across the curriculum and motivate pupils to successful and enjoyable learning.

Gillian Evans

Teaching Times - The TESOL France Magazine, New Year 2013 PDF

The CLIL Resource Pack is the best choice for teachers who would like to include a CLIL approach in their lessons but also for those who aim at using new activities to enhance the way they present and teach several topics.

Padres y Maestros No 349, February 2013 PDF

The CLIL Resource Pack is well organized and easy to use. The units are divided in a simple and effective way that saves the teacher’s time and helps students meet the learning objectives. It is a great resource to support science and make learning English through science fun.

Micheline Habib

TESOL Arabia Perspectives, November 2013 PDF

'I would highly recommend this book. The clearly defined lesson plans, the ready-to-use worksheets and the CD-ROM with audio files make for a complete and useful resource for every CLIL teacher.'

CLIL Magazine, Spring 2015 PDF

Component ISBNs

Photocopiable Resource Book 978-1-905085-65-1

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  1. I think this an interesting resource for teachers who are willing to experiment with CLIL. I find it especially interesting because it addresses primary level teachers too.
    I wonder whether this book will be available in Italy. By the way, I cold not find the price.

  2. Sebastiano says:

    I’d like to know the distribuitor of this textbook in Italy.
    Sebastiano Belfiore

  3. bego says:

    does it have a date for the release? I’ve just checked with my bookshop and they say it’s not available yet

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