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From the multi-award-winning Delta Teacher Development Series.

Teaching children how to learn incorporates extensive additional photocopiable resources which are available at www.deltapublishing.co.uk/resources

Teaching children how to learn is a groundbreaking book offering Primary language teachers a new and practical methodology based on the importance, now universally recognized in curricula around the world, of teaching children how to learn.

Teaching children how to learn comes from authors Gail Ellis, British Council adviser on Young Learners and Quality for the EU region, and Nayr Ibrahim, Head of Young Learners and Bilingual Section at the British Council, Paris. The authors are passionate about learning to learn and in Teaching children how to learn they aim to help teachers create the optimum conditions for children to reach their full potential as enthusiastic and motivated language learners.

Teaching children how to learn contains three distinctive parts which take teachers through a step-by-step approach to understanding, implementing and reflecting on learning to learn. It shows how learning to learn can be achieved through a “Plan, Do, Do More, Review and Share” routine.

Teaching children how to learn is a rich Teacher Development resource book, combining theory, practical classroom-ready activities, models for teachers, interactive Teacher Development activities, keys and model answers:

Part A

  • presents the theoretical and methodological concepts of learning to learn
  • elaborates a framework of teaching principles for planning and implementing learning to learn systemically and explicitly

Part B

  • provides teachers with 30 models which enable them to help children learn to learn
  • includes ‘Wilbur’s Toolkit’ with over 60 ready to use activity worksheets and record pages. These resources are available online to download and photocopy.

Part C

  • contains a range of interactive activities to assist teachers in their personal and professional development
  • includes a Teacher’s Toolkit with keys, model answers, lesson plans and interactive dialogue with the authors



'The latest book in the Delta Teacher Development series has a specific focus: learner training for children. It is based on a ‘plan – do – review’ cycle. Part A discusses the theory behind ‘learning to learn’ and is of relevance to all language teachers. It introduces Wilbur the Worm, an appealing mascot figure designed to stimulate children’s imagination which can be used as a teaching aid. Part B contains practical ideas like making a vocabulary diary. Part C encourages personal reflection. I love the Toolkit, a bank of ready-to-use teaching material in reduced format – full-size pdfs are downloadable from the web. The book contains advice on developing storytelling skills and how to encourage home involvement. The authors draw on their considerable experience in this area. Recommended.'

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, January 2016 PDF

'All in all, this is a great resource for teachers who wish to incorporate learning to learn into their classrooms. Even though specifically aimed at English language teachers who work with primary-aged children, the majority of the activities and the plan-do-review cycle, can of course be readily adapted for different age ranges including early years and secondary learners. Teachers as well as teacher trainers and researchers working in the area will find this book an invaluable source of guidance, practical and theoretical knowledge and above all, inspiration. I could not recommend it more strongly.'

Annamaria Pinter

IATEFL Young Learners & Teenagers SIG Newsletter, Spring 2016 PDF

'Overall, I have truly been inspired by the writers’ high ideals. They provide every detail needed in a step by step process to help teachers reach higher standards in the classroom.'

Jennifer Grunenberg

ELTAF Newsletter, Spring 2016 PDF

Component ISBNs

Coursebook 9781905085866

6 responses to Teaching children how to learn

  1. This could be a very good companion for teacher. I haven’t forgotten the training on teaching young learners I got from Gail Elis in Yaounde in 2005 along with other teachers in Cameroon. It was very enriching. I will assure you that teachers are going to find a treasure in this book. How can get a copy as soon as it is launched? Congrats, Gail and Nayr.

  2. Patricia Natalicchio says:

    I love the principle under this book. I’ve been teaching this way for many years out of experience and this book confirms my beliefs about teaching english to children and learning from teaching as well !
    Thank you very much for your contribution to teacher development and awareness !

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm for this new title Patricia! Please let us know what you think of it once you have read it in full!

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