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Practise and Pass Starters Cover
Authors: Cheryl Pelteret, Viv Lambert
Series:Practise and Pass
Duration:20-30 hours
Level:Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters / pre-A1
Published:Forthcoming Autumn 2010
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Key features

Practise and Pass Starters is especially useful for pupils who need to prepare and practise for the Cambridge YLE Test over a relatively short period or alongside another course book. It provides 20 to 30 hours of material.

Practise and Pass Starters is much more than a collection of practice tests. The activities are lively and communicative and follow a clear progression, so the pupils prepare, practise and pass.

In the “prepare” section the language is introduced, in the “practise” section the language is practised in a meaningful and fun way and finally in the “pass” section the language is tested in a way that will make the eventual test familiar to the pupils.

The Pupil’s Book is further divided into three sections , with separate sections covering the Listening, Speaking and Reading and Writing parts of the test, so that it is possible to work on different parts of the exam if extra work is required.

Throughout the book there are fun-based hints and tips on exam techniques which will help pupils when they come to take the test. There is also a full Practice Test at the end of the Pupil’s Book.

The Teacher’s Book contains the key and tapescript as well as advice and tips to help pupils prepare for the test. The Teacher’s Book also contains the Class Audio CD with all the listening material relating to the practice activities and to the practice tests

The components:

  • The Pupil’s Book is packed with a wide variety of practice activities for classroom use, as well as a full sample practice test. The materials are designed to build children’s confidence in English and prepare them thoroughly for each part of the Cambridge Young Learners English Test
  • The Teacher’s Book has information about the tests, advice on preparing children for them, simple strategies and exam techniques as well as the full tapescript, answer key and Class Audio CD


I particularly recommend this book to students who still need practice besides what they learn in school. Students will probably be happy to practice from this book as its listening, reading and writing, and speaking skills are complete, useful, enjoyable, and above all, it presents the material in a similar format to the Cambridge Young Learners English Test.

Emine Genc

TESOL Arabia Perspectives Vol 18 No 3, November 2011 PDF

Component ISBNs

Audio CD packaged with Teacher's Book
Pupil's Book 978-1-905085-36-1
Teacher's Book 978-1-905085-37-8

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  1. luna says:

    this books is very suitable for esol starters preparation. well done!

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