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Series:Listen & Learn English
Level:Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters / pre-A1
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Key features

Listen and Learn English Starters is the first in this 3-level CD-ROM series. The CD-ROM  contains a wide variety of fun activities which present and practice language covered in the syllabus of the Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters Test.

Listen and Learn English can be used alongside the Activity Packs for Young Learners by Delta Publishing, providing excellent preparation material for the YLE Tests, or it can be used as free-standing material or as an accompaniment to any primary course.

Listen and Learn English Starters contains a CD-ROM of activities for children, a Teacher’s Video and a Teacher’s Handbook, containing suggestions and ideas for additional work.

The CD-ROM contains topic-based material, which revolves around the language syllabus, topics,vocabulary and activity types of the Cambridge ESOL YLE Tests.

Language presentation and practice is through colourful illustrations, audio, text and video.

There are visual rewards and verbal feedback on all tests and games.

There is voice record and playback facilities allow for pronunciation practice and comparison with native speakers.

The CD-ROM comes with complete learner-tracking system and teacher-controlled configuration of activities.

Network licences are available.

Component ISBNs

CD-ROM with Teacher Handbook Pack 978-1-900783-83-5

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