Fun & Games in English

Photocopiable language activities for younger learners

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  • Photocopiable
Fun & Games in English Cover
Authors: Carla Chaves, Aileen Graham, Wendy Superfine
Level:5-7 Years

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Key features

Fun & Games in English gives the teacher of younger children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old more than 40 varied language activities with extensive Teacher’s Notes, designed to revise and practice language in an imaginative and motivating way.

The material is theme-based, with themes including Me, My Family, Food, Animals, Toys and Games and The Little Red Hen. It follows a graded language syllabus, with plenty of recycling and revision.

The activities are simple to prepare and use, easy to adapt for individual classroom needs and above all, fun for the age group.

The activities reflect the interests of young children, thus ensuring their involvement and motivation during this important early learning experience.

The activities in Fun & Games in English can be used to supplement any main course or to form part of a theme-based project.

There is an accompanying Audio CD which contains all the listening texts, songs and chants.

Component ISBNs

Audio CD 978-1-905085-17-0
Audio Cassette 978-1-900783-35-4
Photocopiable Activity Book with Audio CD 978-1-900783-34-7

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