Building Blocks for English

Photocopiable activities to develop study skills in young learners

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Building Blocks for English  Cover
Author: Sarah Philpot
Level:9-11 Years

Key features

The 39 activities in Building Blocks for English provide teachers with a systematic approach to the development of study skills and language development in 9 – 11 year olds.

Through a series of motivating and engaging activities, learners move beyond simple repetition of words to generation of language through recognition of word partners and patterns.

The activities can be used with the whole class, in pairs/groups, for individual study, for homework tasks and can be used progressively or ‘dipped into’, to deal with specific needs.

Development of everyday learning skills is included, such as finding words/subjects in books, categorising, selecting, editing, recording information etc, which will help pupils in other subjects in the school curriculum.

The activities build confidence, encourage autonomy and do not underestimate what young learners can understand and achieve.

The clear Teacher’s Notes give activity type, rationale, materials needed, instructions on running the activity, plus follow-up and extension activities.


Of the 39 activities, there are at least 30 I will happily use with this age group (and with older students too). Of these, there are several that can be used more than once, and lots that have given me ideas for making up my own versions with different language. Definitely to be recommended.

Elisa Turri

English Teaching Professional, July 2001 PDF

Component ISBNs

Photocopiable Activity Book 978-1-900783-39-2

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