Activity Pack for Young Learners Starters

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Activity Pack for Young Learners Starters Cover
Series:Activity Packs for Young Learners
Level:Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters / pre-A1
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Key features

The Starters PackĀ  is the first in a three-level series of Activity Packs for Young Learners between the ages of 7 and 12. It consists of a Pupil’s Pack (containing Pupil’s Book and Activity Pad) or Pupil’s Pack with CD-ROM, Teacher’s Book and Audio CD.

Designed for use with children in their first year of English, the Starters Pack is ideal preparation for the Cambridge ESOL YLE Starters Test and excellent activity-based practice material for any child learning English.

It contains 43 “making or doing” activities covering all the topics from the syllabus of the Cambridge ESOL YLE Test, divided into 11 topics including Numbers, Colours, Family, Animals, Food and drink.

Children love using the Pack as it makes learning fun and language is easily assimilated while “doing”.

Component ISBNs

Audio CD 978-1-905085-30-9
Teacher's Book 978-1-900783-23-1
Audio Cassette 978-1-900783-24-8
[Title] Pupil Pack ISBN 978-1-900783-22-4
Pupil Pack 978-1-900783-96-5

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