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Speaking Games

Photocopiable activities to make language learning fun

Author: Jason Anderson

ISBN: 9781905085989


Speaking Games is a photocopiable resource book of 50 speaking games for teachers of English to use in class with both adult and teenage learners. It provides original, effective and enjoyable activities that focus on developing the learners’ ability to use language confidently in real-world situations. It includes a wide variety of activities which get learners speaking on topics of interest while injecting energy, fun and motivation into a class.

Each game:

  • is easy to print, use and recycle
  • is presented in a double-page spread of instructions and resources
  • includes a ‘Rules of the Game’ handout, to be used as an authentic reading opportunity

Speaking Games is divided into four sections:

  • Board Games – photocopiable boards for games such as Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble
  • Card Games – photocopiable cards that are cut up and used either as questions or prompts
  • Secrets and Lies – activities that involve either guessing secret information or guessing whether a speaker is being honest or not
  • Quizzes, Puzzles and Challenges – including well-known quiz show formats, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, problem solving puzzles, brainteasers and activities that challenge learners to use language accurately while speaking fluently

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Jason Anderson

Language learning is an amazing thing. Languages provide us not only with an insight into other cultures, but through their differences they teach us a lot about our own culture. Those of us who have the opportunity to teach others their language have the scope to open their eyes to a new world, new customs, and in the case of English, new opportunities for work, travel and pleasure. As such I enjoy making lessons memorable, so that our students will want to learn, enjoy learning, and hopefully take away the language they’ve learnt with the memory of the lesson. Speaking Games, Teamwork and Role Plays for Today are born of this desire. I tried to put all my favourite lesson ideas, my favourite contexts and activity types into lessons that will hopefully inspire students to communicate naturally and effectively.

My interest in learning languages has never diminished. While not being as fast as many of my students in picking up new vocabulary or mastering complex grammar, I have tried my hand at learning Russian, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Tigrinya, Turkish, Kinyarwanda and Bahasa Melayu over the years, and have forgotten almost as much as I have learnt! Thanks to my experiences with these languages, I feel in touch with the students I teach every day, as well as their needs and difficulties in learning English, and that helps to inform my lesson planning and writing as well as my teaching and teacher training. I think the secret to successful resource book writing is to provide not just for the teacher’s needs, but also for the students’ interests. I hope that my materials can provide teachers and students with the inspiration to brighten up lessons each week. Originality and creativity are the keys to making language learning a pleasure.

I have been teaching, teacher training and wrestling with foreign languages since 1995, working in the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, Eritrea, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya and Malaysia for organisations including the British Council, VSO and UNICEF. I am interested in a wide range of aspects of teaching, including use of the mother tongue and translation in language learning (in which I believe), the influence of SLA (Second Language Acquisition) theory on pedagogy, English language teaching in primary and secondary contexts worldwide (especially developing countries), and both initial and in-service teacher training for language teachers.