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Key features

The Book of Pronunciation is a definitive account of the key role pronunciation plays in teaching and learning, providing a highly authoritative but hugely accessible overview of the essential elements of English pronunciation as well as a wide range of classroom practice.

The Book of Pronunciation is accompanied by a CD, which provides models for the teacher and practice for the learners.

This book is the definitive resource for language teachers:

  • looking for ways to incorporate pronunciation into their teaching
  • wishing to expand their range of pronunciation activities
  • wanting their learners to use language confidently and intelligibly

The Book of Pronunciation contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

Part A answers frequently asked questions, reassures teachers on why, when and how teaching pronunciation can be both necessary and beneficial, and gives a comprehensive account of all the elements a successful teacher should know. The CD illustrates the explanations.

Part B provides classroom practice through a range of activities spread over six chapters, introducing pronunciation and covering Sounds, Symbols and Spelling, Stress and Connected Speech, Rhythm and Intonation. The CD enhances the procedures.

Part C offers more to the teacher who wants more – in the form of quizzes and questionnaires, tasks and checklists – and fascinating further knowledge. For the teacher who wants to go further, The Book of Pronunciation offers the opportunity.




“This book is brimful of great, practical ideas…An excellent book, always readable, containing a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended.”

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, February 2013 PDF

I don’t believe you could find a more well-rounded and definitive tool for the application of pronunciation in the classroom. Jonathan Marks and Tim Bowen have created a really valuable book, full of an abundance of engaging, practical material.

Andy Starck

English Teaching Professional Issue 85, March 2013 PDF

The activities are a wealth of ideas and broaden the teacher’s repertoire of pronunciation activities for their lessons...Highly recommended.

Hanna Kryszewska

Humanising Language Teaching. Year 15 Issue 3., June 2013 PDF

This book is an excellent introduction to, or review of, the basics of phonology together with some useful activities to use with students. It would be very useful for any teacher who wants to get started with some meaningful pronunciation work but doesn’t know how to go about it, and for teachers who simply want some new or different ideas to work with. It is also great material to use for in-service training sessions. It deserves a place in every teachers’ room.

Kaithe Greene, August 2013 PDF

...this book definitely lives up to its title, putting forward a whole lot of proposals for a practical pedagogy in a concise, organised and engaging manner

Emma Colquhoun, Winter 2013 PDF

'Jonathan Marks and Tim Bowen have produced one of the most thorough books yet to address this topic.'

Brian Brennan

Modern English Teacher Vol 23 No 1, January 2014 PDF

'The Book of Pronunciation is effectively a course on teaching pronunciation wrapped up into one book. It is suitable for new teachers, experienced teachers who are afraid of pronunciation and even for experienced teachers who love teaching pronunciation, but who could do with a refresher or new ideas and activity types. This is a must-have for every ELT staff room.'

Louise Guyett

IATEFL Pronunciation SIG Newsletter Issue 53, September 2015 PDF

Component ISBNs

Book 978 1 905085 70 5

8 responses to The Book of Pronunciation

  1. Patsy Abbott-Charles says:

    Sounds like the material I’ve been waiting for. I would like to know more as soon as we can see some of the contents & activities. Keep me in touch please.

  2. Helen Beesley says:

    Hi Patsy, preview of contents and sample pages to be available shortly! Thanks for the interest. Helen

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with a pronunciation book! Please let me know when and where I can get it.

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for your interest. The book will come into stock on 16th October and you will be able to place an order through your local bookseller. If you need further details please just let us know.
      Happy reading!
      Helen Beesley

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  7. Ludmila Krajcovicova says:

    Good to read. Highly recommended.Good to do, practise.

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