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From the multi-award-winning Delta Teacher Development Series.

Teaching Lexically shows what a lexical view of language looks like, and explores how it differs from a more traditional ‘grammar + words’ view. It then considers what implications such a view might have for classroom practice. At the heart of Teaching Lexically are three main ideas:

  • Grammar and vocabulary are both taught better in combination.
  • Context is absolutely central.
  • Classrooms need to be input-rich; and input needs to be useful.

Teaching Lexically contains three distinctive parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development.

Part A provides a detailed exploration of the core ideas behind lexical teaching. The authors begin with the principles that explain how and why people learn, before presenting two competing views of language – ‘grammar + words’ (and skills) and a lexical view. They close with an in-depth exploration of how language looks when seen from a lexical perspective.

Part B contains a bank of activities that puts into practice the particular principles related to such areas of teaching as vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and so on. These activities are designed to be applied to any classroom material, and to help teachers build up their own repertoire of lexically-rooted techniques.

Part C addresses some of the issues and implications involved in where and how lexical teaching may be applied. It also considers how teacher training and development can become more lexically-oriented, finally suggesting ways to develop as a lexical materials writer.



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Coursebook 9781909783225

7 responses to Teaching Lexically

  1. Michael Foy says:

    Sounds like Michael Lewis’s work lives on.

  2. Roderick Rutledge says:

    I’m really interested in this book – Teaching Lexically.
    I see that it’s due out in July.
    I’m in Colombia, where I’m not able to purchase your hard-copy books.
    Will this book also be coming out in eBook form?

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Hi Roderick I’m afraid that there isn’t an eBook planned as yet. Best wishes, The Delta Team

  3. Jane says:

    I’m a huge fan of this series but I’d like to know who actually sells your books in Italy?? Maybe Eli but I’ve never managed to buy a book from them as they redirect me to bookshops in Palermo and that’s the last place I would go to, looking to buy EFL books! So all my attempts at buying books for this series are time-wasters (and I don’t have time to waste).

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Hi Jane

      Sorry you have problems getting hold of our books. ELI are the distributors in Italy but you should be able to buy them from any online bookstore too, such as Amazon or BEBC https://www.bebc.co.uk/ in the UK.
      I hope this is of help.

  4. Fauziya says:

    Splended Book, splended tasks! That’s what I wanted much. Great thanks!

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