Learning to Teach English

A practical methodology book for pre-CELTA and TKT trainees

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Key features

A fully revised Second Edition with DVD is due for publication in April 2014. See here for details.

Learning to Teach English is an easy-to-use introduction to teaching English and has been especially recommended for teachers preparing for the Cambridge TKT or preparing to study for the CELTA.

The following key areas are covered in the book:

  • The roles of teachers and learners
  • Managing a class
  • Teaching vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
  • Developing skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking
  • Fluency and accuracy
  • Correcting learners
  • Developing learner independence
  • Lesson planning
  • Professional development

There is also an introduction to basic grammar terms, verb tenses and the phonemes of English, as well as photocopiable material to accompany lesson plans. This helps new teachers to build a stock of practical activities that they can exploit.

Learning to Teach English is highly practical. Many classroom activities are described and analysed, and there are questions and activities to engage the
new teacher throughout the book. There are detailed commentaries after every chapter.

The book assumes little or no prior knowledge of the subject and is written in clear and easy to understand terms.

Learning to Teach English is ideal for:

  • people preparing for, or following a Cambridge CELTA or TKT course, a Trinity College, London certificate in TESOL course, or any other pre-service EFL course
  • those who have recently completed one of the above but feel that they need to further consolidate their skills
  • language assistants, teaching English as a Foreign Language in their year abroad, with little or no previous training
  • those who are planning to travel and teach and do not want to invest in a full course
  • existing teachers, looking for a refresher course and new ideas

Component ISBNs

Book 978-1-900783-74-3

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