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Going Mobile was shortlisted for the 2015 ELTons Innovation in teacher resources category!

New from the multi-award-winning Delta Teacher Development Series! Going Mobile is available as both paperback and e-book. The e-book is available in the Kindle store where you can download the free Kindle reading app for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Going Mobile explains, and then demonstrates with practical activities, how to use mobile devices in English Language Teaching in a principled and pedagogically sound way. It is a pioneering book, directed towards teachers – and therefore towards learners – in the age of the digital revolution, and it breaks new ground by offering much-needed support in our 21st-century classrooms.

Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney are both prize-winning authors and leaders in the field of the pedagogy of digital technology, bringing their many years of experience and succeeding admirably in motivating teachers and teacher trainers in the following areas:

  • How to take advantage of the hand-held devices now available
  • How to face the many challenges that stand in the way of success
  • How to incorporate the technology across our teaching institutions

Going Mobile contains three distinct parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

  • Part A introduces us to teaching with mobile devices, and the apps we can take advantage of. It covers the important questions we often ask, the issues we frequently face and the challenges we invariably encounter.
  • Part B is full of classroom activities spread over five chapters – from a first analytical, yet entertaining, look at the use of mobile devices, to the staged and sensible exploitation of text, image, audio and, finally, video.
  • Part C takes us further, both in our classes – by way of longer activities and projects – and in our institutions – where we are encouraged to incorporate mobile teaching and mobile learning progressively and systematically.






'Comprehensive, readable and highly practical'

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, April 2015 PDF

'Although the book clearly advocates for the use of mobile devices in the classroom for several reasons, it also discusses the challenges that come with it in an honest way. With the many activities proposed in the middle section, this book serves as a very practical guide for anyone who would like to start with the use of mobile devices and/ or media for teaching and learning languages. For teachers who already have some experience, this book also serves as a good source of inspiration for new engaging multi-media activities.'

Joasia van Kooten

Media & Learning News, August 2015 PDF

'Whether you are a whizz with your mobile device or you’'re just beginning to get your head around it, there is something in this book for you. So dip in and try some of the activities and observe how your students react to the new techno-you.'

Helen Strong

MELTA News Issue 86, Summer 2015 PDF

'In Going Mobile Hockly and Dudeney have created a practical resource for teachers and academic managers. It is easy to use for teachers at all levels, and in an era where it is vital to include digital technologies in basic teacher training, this resource is highly accessible and user-friendly.'

Bethany Randell

English Australia Journal Volume 31 No 1, https://www.englishaustralia.com.au, Autumn 2015 PDF

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Coursebook 9781909783065

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  1. Azra Ahmed says:

    This is a much needed book. I’d love to get a copy. Is it available on Amazon?

  2. […] year and a new book. Although published last month (December 2014), the print copies of my new book Going Mobile (co-written with Gavin Dudeney) arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. For me, it’s the […]

  3. Ton Koenraad says:

    Congrats Nicky and Gavin,
    This publication will undoubtedly help to develop our ideas and materials for the training component in the follow up of the EU project iTILT where we be researching the orchestration of IWB and tablet use by practitioners.

  4. […] very proud to announce that Going Mobile by Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney has been shortlisted for the 2015 ELTons! You can read more about […]

  5. Helen Beesley says:

    Going Mobile is not only shortlisted for the 2015 ELTons but is book of the month in April’s EL Gazette! Pete Sharma says this is ‘Comprehensive, readable and highly practical’.

  6. […] and training teachers in the use of mobile devices for learning especially with their recent book, Going Mobile: teaching with handheld devices, which came out last December. Nicky was at IATEFL talking about, not individual apps and […]

  7. […] very interesting I found in the latest book called ‘Going Mobile’ by Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly was that students can engage with the media of their own choice […]

  8. […] More on Going Mobile can be found at the Delta Publishing site. […]

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