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Film in Action

Teaching language using moving images

Author: Kieran Donaghy

ISBN: 9781909783072

Series:Delta Teacher Development Series

Film in Action convincingly places the moving image at the centre of the 21st century language learning agenda. This ground-breaking book shows how teachers can benefit enormously from the emergence of video distribution sites and the proliferation of mobile devices.

The book invites teachers to experiment with film, and provides:

  • Insights into how learners can engage with film.
  • Over 100 activities for teachers to bring film into the language class.
  • Steps for teachers and learners to create their own moving images.

We are living in an age of visual information and Film in Action takes on the challenge of the digital revolution to show teachers the educational benefits of not just watching but also creating moving images.

Film in Action contains three distinctive parts, which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

Part A introduces the many different aspects of film: how it can inspire, while exposing learners to a wide range of authentic language, improving comprehension, intercultural understanding and visual literacy.

Part B contains over 100 activities – from an exploratory look at film itself – across two chapters which move from responding actively to film to actively producing film. The activities are clearly and simply set out, mixing highly original ideas with reassuringly ‘classical’ procedures.

Part C goes beyond the classroom into the wider school environment and into a world dominated by visual information, by looking at innovative ways to integrate moving images through longer, more complex projects.

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Kieran Donaghy

Hello there! I’m Kieran Donaghy a teacher, trainer and writer. I began teaching English in 1989, and I have taught in Madrid, Bournemouth, Naples, Cagliari, Birmingham, Oporto, London and Barcelona. As well as being a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences I have trained teachers in many countries throughout the world. I currently teach mainly senior learners aged from 60 to 85 at UAB Idiomes Barcelona part of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I hold Master’s degrees in English Language Teaching, and Business Communication.

I have a special interest in the use of film and images in the language classroom. My website on the use of film in language teaching  won a British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources, and the most prestigious European media in education prize, the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Media in 2013, and an English Speaking Union Award in 2014. I am also the founder of the only conference in the world exclusively on the use of images in language teaching, The Image Conference: Film, Video, images and Video games in English Language Teaching The conference is held in a different city every year and has so far been held in Barcelona, Brasilia and Córdoba.

I published my first book on the use of film in education Films in Health Sciences Education which I co-wrote with Teresa Icart in 2012. Since then I’ve co-written a book with Anna Whitcher titled How to Write Activities for Video for English Teacher2Writer. It’s a great honour to join all the wonderful authors in the DELTA Teacher Development Series and I hope that Film in Action will fit seamlessly into the series and enjoy the prestige that the other books enjoy worldwide.

I live in Barcelona with my wife and two daughters. Outside of work I enjoy reading, listening to music and watching films and TV series.