Dealing with Difficulties

Solutions, strategies and suggestions for successful teaching

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Key features

Dealing with Difficulties, part of the Professional Perspectives series, is packed with ideas for dealing with the everyday difficulties and challenges of teaching:

  • large classes
  • mixed levels
  • different learning styles
  • discipline
  • homework
  • or just getting through the beginning, middle and end of day-to-day teaching

Dealing with Difficulties addresses how you get students’ attention, how you keep students attention and how you really help them learn a language through more than 150 techniques and activities.

The techniques and activities in Dealing with Difficulties require minimum preparation and are aimed to produce maximum speaking and interaction in the classroom.



It has already achieved well-deserved prestige having been highly commended in the 2007 English-Speaking Union awards and deserves to become a classic of its kind.

Barbara Webb

ELT Journal, October 2008 PDF

The seeds for such a practical, relevant title were sown many years ago when, realising early on his career that a passion for Shakespeare did not hold much credibility with truculent teenagers, Luke Prodromou began to adopt various techniques to overcome his classroom difficulties....the outcome is this highly recommended title.

Wayne Trotman, February 2010 PDF

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Book 978-1-905085-00-2

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