Delta Publishing Catalogue

Dealing with Difficulties

Solutions, strategies and suggestions for successful teaching

Authors: Luke Prodromou, Lindsay Clandfield

ISBN: 9781905085002

Series:Professional Perspectives

Dealing with Difficulties, part of the Professional Perspectives series, is packed with ideas for dealing with the everyday difficulties and challenges of teaching:

  • large classes
  • mixed levels
  • different learning styles
  • discipline
  • homework
  • or just getting through the beginning, middle and end of day-to-day teaching

Dealing with Difficulties addresses how you get students’ attention, how you keep students attention and how you really help them learn a language through more than 150 techniques and activities.

The techniques and activities in Dealing with Difficulties require minimum preparation and are aimed to produce maximum speaking and interaction in the classroom.

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Luke Prodromou

As well as being a keynote speaker at numerous international conferences I have trained teachers in over 25 countries around the world and worked for the British Council, Greece, as a teacher and teacher trainer between 1977 and 2000. I have published articles in ELT journals and written over twenty textbooks including Dealing with Difficulties with Lindsay Clandfield; the book won the Ben Warren Prize for 2006 and an English Speaking Union Award for 2007. I obtained my Ph.D from the University of Nottingham and am also a graduate of Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds Universities. I teach young learners in a private language institute in Thessaloniki and am an associate tutor on the MA TESOL at the University of Leicester.

Lindsay Clandfield

Hi, my name is Lindsay Clandfield and I am a teacher, teacher trainer and writer based in Spain. I have been writing materials for language learners since 2000, both online and in print. I have written material for Oxford University Press and Macmillan Publishers. If you have ever used the site Onestopenglish, it is quite likely that you have encountered some of my material. I have published something almost every month over the past seven years.

My first book for language teachers was the award-winning Dealing with Difficulties, co-written with Luke Prodromou and published by Delta Publishing. The positive experience led me to join the team at Delta to work on a new series, the Delta Teacher Development Series. It has been an honour to work with some of the best authors and editors in the English Language Teaching, in particular my co-editor of the series Mike Burghall.

I am interested in global issues in language teaching, critical thinking, teacher development, technology and innovation in teaching. I currently teach English to state school subject teachers (like History, Maths and Biology teachers) and work on online teacher training courses with Oxford TEFL and The Consultants-E. I also write a popular blog for language teachers called Six Things (

I live in a small town in the south of Spain with my wife and two sons.