Trinity CertTESOL Companion Cover Trinity CertTESOL Companion

A guide for English language teachers

Teaching Lexically Cover Teaching Lexically

Principles and practice

Film in Action Cover Film in Action

Teaching language using moving images

Going Mobile  Cover Going Mobile

Teaching with hand-held devices

Learning to Teach English - Second Edition Cover Learning to Teach English – Second Edition

A practical methodology book for pre-CELTA and TKT trainees

Level: TKT / CELTA

Storytelling with Our Students Cover Storytelling with Our Students

Techniques for telling tales from around the world

The Autonomy Approach Cover The Autonomy Approach

Language learning in the classroom and beyond

Spotlight on Learning Styles Cover Spotlight on Learning Styles

Teacher strategies for learner success

The Book of Pronunciation   Cover The Book of Pronunciation

Proposals for a practical pedagogy

The Company Words Keep  Cover The Company Words Keep

Lexical chunks in language teaching

Digital Play  Cover Digital Play

Computer games and language aims

The Business English Teacher Cover The Business English Teacher

Professional principles and practical procedures

Teaching Online  Cover Teaching Online

Tools and techniques, options and opportunities

Culture in our Classrooms Cover Culture in our Classrooms

Teaching language through cultural content

Being Creative Cover Being Creative

The challenge of change in the classroom

Teaching Unplugged Cover Teaching Unplugged

Dogme in English Language Teaching

The Developing Teacher  Cover The Developing Teacher

Practical activities for professional development

Dealing with Difficulties Cover Dealing with Difficulties

Solutions, strategies and suggestions for successful teaching

Using the Mother Tongue Cover Using the Mother Tongue

Activities to optimise a major classroom resource

Talking Business in Class Cover Talking Business in Class

Speaking activities for professional students

Unlocking Self-expression Through NLP Cover Unlocking Self-expression Through NLP

Integrated skills activities for intermediate and advanced students

Creating Conversation in Class Cover Creating Conversation in Class

Student-centred speaking activities

Challenging Children Cover Challenging Children

Imaginative activities to inspire young learners

Spontaneous Speaking Cover Spontaneous Speaking

Drama activities for confidence and fluency

Humanising Your Coursebook Cover Humanising Your Coursebook

Activities to bring your classroom to life - and life to your classroom!

The Resourceful English Teacher   Cover The Resourceful English Teacher

A complete teaching companion

The Minimax Teacher Cover The Minimax Teacher

Minimise teacher input and maximise student output