Delta Academic Objectives: Writing Skills

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Delta Academic Objectives: Writing Skills Cover
Authors: Louis Rogers, Emma Kuhles
Series:Delta Academic Objectives
Published:January 2012

Key features

Delta Academic Objectives: Writing Skills has been written to prepare students for academic writing, placing emphasis not only on developing strong academic writing skills but also on continued language development through five main areas:

Structure and organisation, Critical thinking, Using the text, Language focus and Evaluating writing.

Structure and organisation activities develop students’ skills in planning, organising, structuring and revising their essays.

Critical thinking activities teach students to engage critically, constantly challenging and questioning the ideas of others.

Using the text activities show students how to strengthen and support their opinions using their research and other sources.

Language focus activities develop students’ knowledge of the lexis typical of academic texts and enable them to transfer this knowledge into their writing.

Evaluating writing activities help students to act upon and incorporate feedback into their future writing.

Key features:

  • written for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • themes relate to a wide range of common academic subject fields
  • topics are both academic and common to everyday life, thus accessible to all students
  • contains two revision units
  • contains a section of exercises to practice vocabulary in the Academic Word List
  • is supported by online resources consisting of a bank of longer texts and accompanying activities to help develop students’ reading into writing skills




Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, April 2012 PDF

'Writing Skills is so clearly structured and deconstructs the area so well that I can see using this book as a coursebook, supplementary material or for self-study with not only second langauge students making the transition from general to academic English, but also first language students such as pre-university groups, mature-age students newly entering an academic environment, or first year communications classes approaching academic writing for the first time.'

Helen Broady

English Australia Journal Volume 28 No 2, Spring 2012 PDF

In Writing Skills, Louis Rogers sets out succinctly and with great clarity to help students to tackle this daunting challenge.

Andy Starck

ETP Issue 84, January 2013 PDF

Because of its varied range of topics, suitability for both self-study and class use, focus on collaborative work and inclusion of corpora from academic texts, this work stands out as a most welcome addition to general publications on Writing Skills, probably one of the most difficult areas for students at an advanced level. In short, the inclusion of Study Tips, instruction words and editing techniques promotes a high level of writing competency and “shortcuts” when tackling academic writing and register.

Ana Otto, PDF

The book covers key elements of writing development, has additional materials online and would be particularly effective for use with a group of multi-disciplinary language learners at the B2/C1 level with little prior experience of academic writing.

Gemma Stansfield

BALEAP, March 2014 PDF

Component ISBNs

Teacher's Book 9781905085590
Coursebook 9781905085583

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