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Listening and note-taking skills

Preparing students for academic listening

Author: Michael Thompson

ISBN: 9781905085606

Series:Delta Academic Objectives


Delta Academic Objectives: Listening and note-taking skills has been written to prepare students for academic listening, placing emphasis not only on practice with extended listening passages but also on continued language development through four main areas: Language focus, Listening for production, Listening for meaning and Vocabulary focus.

Delta Academic Objectives: Listening and note-taking skills develops essential comprehension skills in the context of real-life talks, presentations, and conversations with 3 hours of listening material. The length of the listening passages develop students’ ability to follow such talks, presentations and conversations for the longer periods of time common in academic and work environments.

Language Focus sections help students develop their note-taking skills, as well as their ability to recognize the underlying structures of talks and presentations.

Listening for Production and Listening for Meaning sections offer students opportunities to further apply listening strategies to help prepare for listening in real-life academic situations.

Vocabulary Focus activities are designed to help students increase their lexical range, giving them experience – in context – with lower-frequency vocabulary, as well as developing their ability to use words and phrases from the Academic Word List.

Key features:

  • helps students develop the listening and note-taking skills described at B2 and C1 levels
  • 3 audio CDs
  • longer listening passages give students practice with extended listening
  • themes relate to a wide range of common academic subject fields
  • vocabulary activities focus on the words and phrases used naturally in the unit 
  • contains a key to exercises and tapescript for students working on their own

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