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International Management English is a ground-breaking new series developed by York Associates, who have been preparing professionals for international work for over 30 years. The series covers four key aspects of international business operations: Leading People, Managing Projects, Managing Change and Working Virtually.

Leading People deals with the challenges facing those who run professional teams, covering all aspects of communication and people management from developing one’s own leadership skills through to getting the best from others.

Leading People contains eight units, focusing on:

- Becoming a better manager

- Building a team

- Getting and giving direction

- Organising teams

- Defining roles

- Providing support

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Representing a team

In every unit Leading People provides comprehensive training in the skills proven to be necessary to communicate successfully in the world of international business: relevant language skills, communicative ability, people management skills and intercultural competence. This training is delivered through extensive speaking and listening activities, professional input, skills practice, intercultural awareness-raising and case study discussions.

In addition the book provides:

- an audio CD

- a learning diary

- a needs analysis

- unit-by-unit glossaries of key words and phrases

- tips for more effective language learning and how to improve performance at work

- the opportunity to develop a personal action plan






The content is both relevant and engaging, and includes some fascinating recordings of managers in the field. Key features include challenging case studies, a useful bank of resources in the activity file and some superb diagrams...The book...is especially strong in the area of cross-cultural awareness... Excellent.

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette Issue 398, March 2013 PDF

Not only do these titles help to develop language fluency, they also help the trainer to work with students on developing the ability to communicate internationally, which is probably the most important skill in the business world today.

Helen Strong

MELTA Newsletter, Summer 2013 PDF

Component ISBNs

Coursebook with Audio CD 978-1-905085-67-5

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