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Spoken English for Business

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Authors: Mark Tulip, Louise Green, Richard Nicholas
Level:Level 1: A2-B1 / Level 2: B1-B2
Published:Level 1 October 2014 / Level 2 May 2015

Key features

Heads Up is a practical two-level student-based speaking course, devised to meet the overriding need of in-work students at pre-intermediate and intermediate level to become operational in spoken English as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Heads Up addresses both the lack of time these one-to-one or group learners often have and the requirement for streamlined materials that target their needs in their own area of work.

Heads Up helps students to successfully develop their speaking skills by providing careful preparation leading up to personalised tasks, supported by vocabulary input and regular pronunciation practice.

Each level of Heads Up is divided into 40 two-page units and provides around 40 hours of core material. At each level the 40 units get right to the heart of the students’ needs and wishes, with the units divided into three sections: ‘My Job’, ‘My Business’ and ‘The Bigger Picture’.  

Key features:

  • units offer extensive speaking and listening practice, with carefully selected audio input and exploitation
  • focus on pronunciation work, with attention to elision, stress and intonation
  • each unit’s topic development is a springboard to the final Task in which students speak about their own work contexts
  • each unit is self-contained, allowing students the flexibility of choosing the topics that interest them most and best fulfil their needs
  • the course is suitable for normal class use and some guided self-study
  • each level comprises of a Student’s Book accompanied by audio CD




'The book hits the ground running and has students speaking right away – a major asset when dealing with learners of business English. The emphasis is really on their talking about the work they do, not on the work the coursebook presumes they do. The units are short and the learners complete a specific task at the end of each one, allowing for good focused practice in each of the areas the unit covers. The functional language feels, for the most part, realistic at this pre-intermediate level. A welcome feature of the book is the pronunciation section in nearly all of the 40 units. The pronunciation practice is specific and integral to the lesson.'

Gary Anello

ELTAS News , Summer 2015 PDF

Component ISBNs

Coursebook with Audio CD Level 1 Coursebook with Audio CDs: 978-1-905085-96-5 / Level 2 Coursebook with Audio CDs: 978-1-905085-97-2

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