Business English Language Practice

Grammar and Vocabulary

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Business English Language Practice Cover
Authors: Susan Lowe, Louise Pile
Series:Delta Business Communication Skills
Level:Pre-intermediate - Intermediate / B1-B2
Published:July 2009
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Key features

Business English Language Practice aims to help learners of Business English develop the grammar and vocabulary needed to participate in business effectively.

The book can be used to support the rest of the Delta Business Communication Skills series, building on topics covered there, or can be used independently for grammar and vocabulary practice.

Business English Language Practice is divided into a Practice section and a Reference section for both vocabulary and grammar. Within each, there are 12 vocabulary topics and 12 grammar topics.

It opens with a Needs Analysis, encouraging students to consider what they need to focus on in order to get the most out of the book and their learning.

The book features a Learning Journal, providing the opportunity to reflect on and personalize what is studied in the book, and contains the full Answer Key, enabling students to work alone or with a teacher.


Present tenses
Past tenses
Will and going to
-ing forms and infinitives
Comparatives and superlatives
Relative clauses
Reported speech

Companies and offices
Meetings and conferences
People and places
Production and processes
Projects and teams
Sales and marketing
Telephoning and emailing


This book ... provides solid language practice and is worth investigation.

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette (, November 2009 PDF

Component ISBNs

Student Practice Book 978-1-905085-29-3

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