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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Teaching Online 4: Communicating online

We all know that online is another country. There will be things that remind you of home in the f2f world. People meet, greet, argue, debate and socialise. You can read, watch and listen to stuff. But then you’ll find cultures and behaviours, and even languages, that seem very foreign indeed. Who, apart from the […]

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Friday 1 October 2010

Teaching Online 3: Online teacher skills

What makes a good online teacher? What are some of the key skills needed? Earlier this year, I asked our own team of very experienced online moderators what they thought. This is the list of top ten skills that we came up with: You can read more about each skill in my original blog post […]

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Friday 5 June 2009


SkillsWork is an exciting new book for teachers and students who want to focus on skills development at intermediate level and beyond. It can be used alongside a standard coursebook or on its own, ideal if you want to teach away from the coursebook for part of the day or week.

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