A Handbook of Spoken Grammar

Strategies for speaking natural English

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  • Coursebook
A Handbook of Spoken Grammar  Cover
Authors: Ken Paterson, Caroline Caygill, Rebecca Sewell
Series:Delta Natural English
Level:Intermediate and above / B1 and above
Published:January 2012

Key features

“…a superb spoken grammar.” Wayne Trotman, EL Gazette, September 2012

Spoken English is now recognized as having its own “grammar” which is not covered in traditional language practice material. Using recent corpus research into spoken English the Handbook of Spoken Grammar teaches learners to speak more naturally, using the patterns that native speakers use when speaking English.

The Handbook of Spoken Grammar is written for students from intermediate level and above looking to develop natural fluency in their speaking skills. The Handbook of Spoken Grammar is divided into 20 units, each dealing with a spoken grammar strategy to equip students with greater native-like linguistic techniques.

Written for class or self-study use, each spoken grammar strategy is identified in context using conversational examples on the audio CD and short written transcripts. Each strategy is then explained in full before students go on to complete a range of thorough practice activities.

Key features:

  • Helps students of intermediate level and above speak more naturally
  • Based on recent corpus research
  • Designed for class or self-study
  • Perfect as a supplementary resource for spoken English exams
  • Includes free audio CD



In summary, a very useful addition to our bookshelves, another step towards helping our students develop natural English. Recommend it to them.

Alistair Dickinson

http://developingteachers.com/books/review_sg.htm, February 2012 PDF

This coursebook is clearly structured: a double page with explanations and examples is followed by another double page with a variety of exercises. Key examples and dialogues can be heard on the CD.

Business Spotlight, March 2012 PDF

This is a very innovative book, and may well start a new trend. My own particular favourite is Unit 12: “How to use Oh, Ah, Wow, Ouch, etc.” I love it when my students feel confident enough to improvise and let their hair down, and interjections do make oral interaction sound much more lifelike.

Carmela Chateau

tefl.net, April 2012 PDF

...a superb spoken grammar.

Wayne Trotman

EL Gazette, September 2012 PDF

A Handbook of Spoken Grammar is undoubtedly a valuable resource for teachers, helping them generate ideas about what to teach and how to teach it.

Caroline Hutchinson

English Australia Journal, 2012 PDF

The Handbook of Spoken English can help students get used to all the intricacies of the everyday language not usually covered or insisted upon in their standard course books.

Sab Will

http://reviews.hotchpotchenglish.com/, November 2012 PDF

Component ISBNs

Coursebook with Audio CD 978-1-905085-54-5

16 responses to A Handbook of Spoken Grammar

  1. Penny Read says:

    Like the sound of this. Any chance of having a preview of some of the text and exercises?

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Hi Penny,
      We plan on maing sample pages available very shortly – watch this space!
      Thanks for your interest.
      The Delta Team

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  3. Evan says:

    This looks very interesting indeed. Could I ask what corpora you used? Thanks.

  4. Ken Paterson says:

    Thanks for your comment, Evan. The corpora that had the greatest influence on the book were the Longman Spoken and Written English Corpus, and the Cambridge International Corpus (particularly the CANCODE element), but the primary research with these corpora was done by the authors of the Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English and the Cambridge Grammar of English!

    We also worked with a word bank of reformulated student language built up at the University of Westminster, and benefited from the insights provided by the authors of a number of journal articles and book publications (some of whom will have used other corpora).

  5. john lansley says:

    Love using Collocations For Natural English as indeed do my students. Would be very interested in more info.re Grammar for Natural English

    • Helen Beesley says:

      Hi John,
      Have you seen the sample pages to download? If you’d like any further information just let me know!
      Helen Beesley

  6. Lewis Richards says:

    Have been using your book in class – it’s fantastic!

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