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June's downloads:


The Brexit Debate (Delta-Downloads-The-Brexit-debate.pdf)

Should we stay or should we go? On 23rd June the UK will vote on the EU referendum (often called ‘Brexit’ from the words ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’). This photocopiable resource contains everything you need to get your students debating this topical issue in class.

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Teaching Lexically Cover

Teaching Lexically (TL_IATEFL_Handout_web2.pdf)

Here are sample pages for you to try in class from the forthcoming Teaching Lexically, the latest title in the Delta Teacher Development Series. Teaching Lexically shows what a lexical view of language looks like, and explores how it differs from a more traditional ‘grammar + words’ view. It then considers what implications such a view might have for classroom practice. At the heart of Teaching Lexically are three main ideas:

  • Grammar and vocabulary are both taught better in combination.
  • Context is absolutely central.
  • Classrooms need to be input-rich; and input needs to be useful.
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Amazing Chocolate! (Delta-Downloads-7-Amazing-chocolate.pdf)

Did you know the average British child eats over 10,000 calories of chocolate every Easter? At this time of year here in the UK we spend a lot of time thinking about and eating chocolate! If you and your students love chocolate as much as we do, then you’ll love this Amazing Chocolate! lesson for B1 to C1 learners.

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Archived downloads:

Teaching children how to learn Cover

Wilbur’s storybook recommendations (Wilburs-storybook-recommendations.pdf)

Wilbur’s storybook recommendations is ideal for teachers who want to introduce children to the magical world of storybooks, with a friendly bookworm called Wilbur recommending more than 50 storybooks, giving you a synopsis and introduction to each one. Wilbur’s storybook recommendations, taken from Teaching children how to learn by Gail Ellis and Nayr Ibrahim, also includes a storybook record template, which the authors recommend completing as you use these and other storybooks in your classroom.

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Storytelling with Our Students Cover

Imagining and improvising (SWOS_p74-75.pdf)

Imagining and improvising is an activity which accompanies Aldar Kose Tricks the Bai, the best-known Kazak folk tale about the popular legendary hero, Aldar Kose. The activity is a creative means of getting students into the story, encouraging them to do improvised drama roleplay based on information you give them about characters and events. This activity is taken from Storytelling With Our Students by David Heathfield, which encourages the use of storytelling in the classroom to build confidence, develop language skills and encourage speaking and listening fluency.

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Meet the parents (Delta-Downloads-6-Meet-the-parents.pdf)

With Valentine’s Day in February this fun photocopiable gets your students talking relationships with a B1 to C1 level ‘Meet the parents’ role-play.

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Family Members (DeltaDownloadsFamilyMembers.pdf)

A photocopiable word search and activities for teaching family member names to young learners.

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Brit-slang: The board game (Delta_Downloads_5-Brit-slang_the_board_game.pdf)

A fun board game looking at informal British English and mild slang suitable for B1 to C1 learners. Includes a discussion on when informal English is / isn’t appropriate.

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  5. Simon Thomas says:

    Thanks very much for making this excellent book available for free download!

    I got some great ideas from the paperback version I bought a couple of years ago; and it’s great to have a copy to browse through on my computer when I’m planning lessons.

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  8. Thanks so much for making this available as download. I’d forgotten what a great book it is. It’s easy for teachers to spend so much time preparing that there’s no time for more important stuff, like responding to learners … and life!


  9. Jamal Maringo, TELTDM says:

    Thanks so much for making this available as download. It has been very great assistance to English Language teachers here in Tanzania. We have all downloaded materials in our resource room in Dar es Salaam used mostly by teachers. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you very much – one of my business students class is quite timid, but with some minor adjustment they will do well with the structure offered by these exercises

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    Thanks. Really great ideas especially for beginners who suffer stage fright.

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    Thank you for the very useful and pan -classroom friendly activities so handy for all ages!!!

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  20. Sylvia says:

    I’ve been reading your ‘Humanising Classes’ material. It’s wonderful, and of enough high level .Originality is another characteristic which gives us a lot of ideas to work with. Thank you so much!

  21. Bernadette says:

    Thank you so much for making this material so easily available. It is such a good ah! that’s what’s missing or that’s a good idea…. you know what I mean. THANK YOU.

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    Thank you! Your books are amazing!

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    Greetings from Peru!

  24. Muhammad Zubair Khan says:

    Thanks for the free downloads of “Humanizing Your Coursebooks” . I’m going to deliver a workshop in our upcoming Professional Development Week on this useful topic. I guess it’s gonna help me in my preparation.

  25. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for the great material 😉

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    I would like to thank you for so many useful and fresh ideas for working with students. I will recommend my colleagues to use them.

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    Great source of ideas for English teachers!!! Thank you :-)

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    I am inspired from every minor detail; it’s agreat companion for us as teachers.

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    Maha El-Batanouny

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