Trouble with Verbs?

Guided discovery materials for elementary and intermediate learners

  • Photocopiable
  • Resource Book
Trouble with Verbs? Cover
Authors: David Bolton, Noel Goodey
Series:Trouble with....?
Level:Elementary - Intermediate / A1-B2
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Key features

Trouble with Verbs? is a photocopiable teacher resource book enabling teachers and students to review a range of common grammar problems that cause frequent difficulty.

Trouble with Verbs? identifies the common elementary and intermediate ‘trouble spots’, practises and masters key grammar rules, and provides the teacher with full guidance on classroom presentation and exploitation.

Trouble with Verbs? features:

  • Guided discovery activities that clarify and explain.
  • Photocopiable materials that reinforce understanding.
  • Comprehensive teaching notes that ensure success.

Component ISBNs

Photocopiable Resource Book 978-0-953309-84-9

2 responses to Trouble with Verbs?

  1. [...] you not only learn the grammar, you also learn how to approach it in class Hence I recommend David Bolton – Trouble with Verbs? | Delta Publishing – English Language Teaching David Bolton – Trouble with Prepositions, Articles, Nouns and Word Order? | Delta Publishing – [...]

  2. Julie Cummings-Debrot says:

    I have used this book for many years and I can honestly say that it is brilliant. It not only explains clearly the usage, but allows the trainee to work it out for himself, through the excercises and therefore becomes much more memorable and useable after for them.

    Love it!


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