Paul Davis

About the Author

After 18 years in Birmingham supporting Aston Villa and being high jump champion I moved to Cambridge tech to do a history degree. I stayed on in Cambridge because I had fallen in love just as I was leaving and since it was the only industry in Cambridge I became an English teacher. I still live in Cambridge now although I spend part of my time in Sopot (Poland) and Canterbury (UK)).

In the UK, Spain, Venezuela and Poland I’ve taught most levels, types and formats of ELT. I’ve trained teachers on all (inhabited) continents except Australia. I was surprised to find myself start writing a book or two – I’ve co-authored: Dictation, CUP, 1988, The Confidence Book, Longman, 1990, More Grammar Games, CUP, 1995, and Ways of Doing, CUP, 1998 as well as The Company Words Keep, 2012 which is described elsewhere on this website. At present I’m interested in Silent Way, Linguistic Psychodrama and Corpus Linguistics and am looking in vain for a unified theory or at least a principled eclecticism.

When I was younger I liked cycling, cinema and beer. Now I like cycling, cinema and beer and also cooking. I don’t have a television or a car or a computer as I don’t do technology at home – I’m writing this on a computer in the library.

Published Titles