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I’m Nik Peachey and I’m a freelance writer, teacher trainer and consultant.

My involvement in education started many years ago when I got a job teaching the guitar in a prison. This was while I was still studying for my degree in college and when I finished my degree I decided, as many graduates do, to have some ‘time off’ and do a TEFL certificate course so that I could travel. I’ve certainly travelled a lot since then and have lived and taught in many countries across North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and now finally back in the UK. I don’t, however, remember having much time off!

I moved from teaching to teacher training, completed my diploma, picked up and M.Ed and moved on to project management with the British Council spending many years working on and developing the website among others.

Nowadays, as well as working freelance I also work for Bell Educational Trust as an Associate Trainer working on face to face and online DELTA training courses and at present I’m also a visiting lecturer on the University of Westminster MA TESOL course, teaching Media and Technology in TESOL.

This doesn’t leave me much free time but when I do have some time I try to keep my various blogs up to date.

I’ve been blogging seriously for about four years now and what started as a way of promoting my freelance writing work has turned into something of an obsession.

I now have a number of blogs. Two of these are for teachers and focus on the use of technology in ELT. The main one is my learning technology blog and this is also the first blog I started. I wanted to use it to help train teachers to use technology in their teaching and I started to publish a combination of instructional tutorials showing teachers how to use web based tools, with suggestions and examples for how to create activities or materials for their students.

I started my second blog as a way of delivering much shorter and more varied articles about new websites, interesting events or simple teaching suggestions.

My third blog was designed for students. I developed it in response to some of the messages I was receiving from teachers using my other sites. Many said that they liked the ideas from the sites, but just didn’t have the facilities to exploit these in class, so  my Daily English Activities site was developed as a way of providing examples for teachers of how tasks could be created for use by students outside of class and to help students develop their English and digital literacy. I was delighted in 2010 when the site was shortlisted by the British Council for an ELTON award.

When I started delivering more online training through web based seminars or webinars, I decided that I needed to provide more support for teachers and better notes, so in September of 2009 I published a free manual called Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers which has now been read close to 50,000 times online.

As well as writing I try to keep up with as much reading as I can and I try to share my reading and viewing through a web based portal which I create at:

Over the next few months I’ll be writing for DELTA Publishing and posting here on their development blog. This will be a new departure for me as I tend to publish very practical materials on my own blogs and the kinds of articles I’ll be writing for this site will be more ‘think’ pieces. This will force me to start looking a bit more deeply at what I have learned (or not) over the years and what I want to take forward into what I believe is becoming one of the most exciting periods in the history of education. I hope you’ll stick with me over the next few months and help me to examine what I believe to be some of the really interesting and exciting developments in education.

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