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Hi! I’m Nicky Hockly, a teacher and teacher trainer based in Barcelona, Spain. I started teaching in 1987, and I’m now the co-director of an online educational and training consultancy called The Consultants-E ( My official job title is Director of Pedagogy, and I work in the area of online teacher training and online course design. I’m especially interested in how teachers can start to use ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in the classroom. Our company won a British Council Innovation Award (ELTON) for our online ‘ICT in the Classroom’ course in 2007, and we were shortlisted for another ELTON in 2009, for our teacher training work in Second Life.

My first book for language teachers was How to Teach English with Technology, co-written with my colleague Gavin Dudeney and published by Pearson Longman in 2007. This book won the 2008 Ben Warren International House Trust prize. Gavin and I then co-wrote English as a Foreign Language for Dummies, published by John Wiley Publishing in 2009. My third book was Teaching Online, in the Delta Teacher Development Series, written with Lindsay Clandfield, published in 2010, and nominated for a British Council ELTON Award. Next was an e-book in 2012 called Webinars: a Cookbook for Educators, published by The Round. The next book, Digital Literacies (Routledge 2013), was cowritten with Gavin Dudeney and Mark Pegrum, and also nominated for an ELTON Award. It won the British Council/Society of Authors ELT Writing Award in 2014. My most recent book is Going Mobile in the Delta Teacher Development Series, cowritten with Gavin Dudeney.

Because I’m interested in technology and education, I maintain a blog called eModeration Station, which has tips and techniques for teachers interested in topics such as online teaching, or mobile learning, among other technology related issues. I also tweet regularly on Twitter, where you can follow me via @theconsultantse. You can also keep track of what myself and The Consultants-E team are up to via our Facebook page, where we regularly add resources and hold discussions on technology-rated issues And check out our You Tube channel for video recordings of tasks that myself and members of the team have given at conferences:

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