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After teaching English in Madrid and London, I took a job as an ELT lexicographer with Cambridge University Press in the early nineties. Having initially thought of this as a ‘foot in the door’ of ELT publishing generally, I proceeded to find the world of learner dictionaries unexpectedly fascinating. So fascinating that I stayed in it for sixteen years (!), working on titles such as the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary and the Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms. Three years ago I left CUP to set up a small publishing company with my colleague and friend, Liz Walter. Our intention was to continue lexicographic work but also to branch out and use our extensive vocabulary knowledge to write non-dictionary ELT titles. Hoping for some variety in our working lives, we have been surprised and delighted by the range of titles we have been asked to work on.

Kate's Recent Blog Posts

  • Phrasal verbs and collocation

    Our two books for Delta cover the topics of phrasal verbs and collocation, but of course, the topics often coincide.  In Collocations for Natural English, we have a unit called ‘Collocations with phrasal verbs’, presenting collocations that consist of a phrasal verb plus a noun (usually) or an adjective (occasionally) – things like put on […]

  • What is a phrasal verb?

    Everyone agrees that phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language, but does anyone agree on what a phrasal verb actually is? Well, I’m happy to say that Liz Walter (my co-author on Phrasal Verbs for Natural English) and I are in broad agreement, but you may have other ideas… The first characteristic […]