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After teaching both business and general English in 20 countries or more, including Brazil, Germany, Lithuania and Paraguay, I entered the world of finance via the Czech Republic, where I was sent as the materials writer for a British Know-How Fund project at the Czech National Bank. After attending several Barclays Bank crash courses to get to grips with the financial terms used in international banking, I developed a series of Banking English courses covering a range of financial topics from Foreign Exchange Operations to International Trade Finance. Since then I have written several business and finance related books, including the old favourite ‘Banking English’. More recently I wrote ‘Absolute Financial English’ – the main coursebook for the Cambridge ESOL ‘International Certificate in Financial English’, which is the finance sector’s new benchmark qualification. In the early days of my financial English teaching, bankers and financial experts only really wanted to learn some specialist terms related to their own field of finance. They are now expected to possess a high degree of competence in all language skills – as well as being able to perform in meetings and presentations.

Nowadays I live in Turkey, with my husband, two cats, one dog, chickens and geese. Although I live in a rural setting – just a stone’s throw away from the sea, I provide language consultancy for a number of banks and financial institutions and deliver courses at the Banks Association of Turkey and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. Since 2005 I have also been the CFBT’s editor, which involves checking all its regular publications, including the Annual Report and key speeches of the Governor.

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