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I am a non-native speaker of English who for 30 years has been involved in various aspects of ELT such as teaching, training, writing and editing. I was brought up bilingually: Polish-German, while English is a language I learned at school, in Communist Poland, from books that were mainly based on the  Grammar Translation method. As a learner I experienced the rise and fall of Audiolingualism, while the Communicative Method was the buzz word of my early teaching career.

Against my family’s expectations, when choosing university courses, I decided to read English not German. Normal teenage rebellion which I later saw in my own daughters. They have not followed in my footsteps either.  I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics which probably explains my interest in lexical chunking and spoken grammar. I am also interested in these relatively recent developments as a person who had different experiences when learning languages,  which involved or did not involve learning through chunks. My experience of these two different  ways, their strengths and weaknesses, have been helpful in writing “The Company Words Keep”.

This is not my first book. I have co-written resource books for OUP, Heinemann and CUP, tried my hand at coursebook writing for Macmillan Polska, and was involved in producing a video-based TT course. For the last 20 years I have cooperated with Pilgrims Language Courses; I have presented at conferences and trained teachers in most countries in Europe and in many distant parts of the globe. Since 2006 I have been editing the HLT website magazine which I hope you read and/or publish in. You can find there a lot of articles on lexical chunking and other developments in ELT worldwide.

What free time there is left after working full time at the University of Gdańsk, dos-ing, writing books and editing, being a mum etc, I spend flicking channels happily settled on the sofa as a snug couch potato or working in the garden. Soon, I will take up some form of exercise.

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