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Hi! I’m Graham Stanley and I’m a teacher who lives in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been teaching English since 1995 and playing computer games since 1978. My current favourites are Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet2 and Fallout Las Vegas.

Before I became a teacher, I worked first in office management and then in the emerging I.T. Industry in London. Because of this, it was only natural that I’d be attracted to using ICT with learners after I’d got my my first stripes in TEFL. Interest in this led me to take a Master’s degree (University of Manchester) in ELT & Educational Technology and  I subsequently started speaking at local, national and international conferences and other teacher events about ELT and the use of emerging technologies. I am also currently coordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG (Special Interest Group) and very involved in presenting and giving workshops to teachers (both online and in-person) to help them make good use of ICT.

Apart from teaching, I am a social media consultant and manager of EU projects for the British Council: AVALON (language learning in Second Life), aPLaNEt (teacher development through PLNs) and ITiLT (language teaching with IWBs). I have written teacher training and course material for learners and teachers and have been blogging at since 2004.

My speciality is in using emerging technologies to promote language learning and teaching. Currently, I am particularly interested in the potential of social networking (Twitter, Facebook, etc), interactive whiteboards, mobile technology, virtual worlds and games.

After noticing the potential of computer games to motivate students, I started looking at ways of adapting onlne games with language learning aims in mind. Soon afterwards, I found a comrade-in-arms in the shape of Kyle Mawer. Sharing our experience and knowledge in a book was the next natural step. Together, we also blog about computer games and language teaching at 

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    Thanks to all of you who came to see Kyle and I speak at the IATEFL conference in Brighton. It was also very interesting for us to see other people presenting their ideas and projects related to using games in ELT. One of the parts of my talk that I got most questions and comments […]

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    Hi everyone, I’m Graham Stanley and my co-author is Kyle Mawer. We’ve written a book called Digital Play : Computer games and language aims for the Delta Teacher Development Series, which will be published shortly. During the next month we’ll be writing for the DELTA Publishing Teacher Development blog. This will also coincide with the 45th […]