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I was born in Italy, but Paris has been my home for the last 18 years. Prior to that, I lived in the Czech Republic, near Prague, in very interesting times, in the US, and in the UK. I hold a MA in TESOL from Sheffield Hallam University.

I can’t remember how I became interested in teaching: I wish I could say teaching is some sort of vocation, that I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Not so. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer, and I simply hated the idea. I threatened them to pursue a career in music, so in the end they settled for a teaching career. My first teaching experience wasn’t as a language teacher, though, but as a guitar teacher. I had an ad in a local paper and I’d found three students who had seemed very eager : they each took two lessons but they never came back. I guess it must’ve been because I had no idea how to teach. I could play the guitar, and was fairly knowledgeable, but that clearly failed to impress my students. My first proper teaching job was in a huge amphitheatre teaching Ethiopian refugees on their way to Canada. They were illiterate, so I had to look for ways to get the language across to them. None of the things I’d studied in my Celta course was useful, and I think this is when I began to think that creativity, perhaps more than anything else, is the teacher’s best friend.

What do I like about teaching? It’s by far the emotional energy and that feeling of membership you get when you share a teaching/learning experience with a group.

In my free time (very little, in fact) I like to stay home, play with my two wonderful kids, bake chocolate chip cookies, and just watch them grow (the kids, not the cookies).

I also play jazz and blues guitar in a band here in Paris.

Being Creative is my first book.

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