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Bob Dignen is a director of York Associates. He specialises in delivering intercultural training and international team seminars. He offers coaching to international project leaders and is available to facilitate project (kick-off) meetings and run team-building events. He is also available as a keynote speaker for project meetings / management events / professional conferences.

He is an accredited facilitator of Fierce Conversations™, a licensed coach for The International Profiler (an intercultural profiling tool), and an advanced practitioner of TMP (Team Management Profile) an international team development tool.

As an author, his titles include Communicating Across Cultures (CUP), Communicating Internationally in English (York Associates), 50 Ways to improve your international presentation skills and 50 Ways to improve your intercultural skills published by Summertown. He is also co-author of Developing People Internationally, a multimedia international team training resource.

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    If you Google the statistics on the numbers of projects concluding successfully, you might struggle to find any article with positive statistics. Overwhelmingly, it seems, projects struggle and usually to deliver on time and on budget. Here’s a typical report from KMPG: Type of survey:                Survey of 100 businesses across a broad cross section of industries […]

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    Many professionals leading projects do so with a very strong goal focus. One of their core competences, as they see it, is to keep in mind at all times the budget, deadlines and scope which were specified in the original business case. This is what project controlling, the classical job of a project management office, […]

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    This is my second post in this series and I’m going to look at managing people in projects. Many people bring projects down to two simple things: it’s about organising a series of tasks, and it’s about managing a group of people to complete that series of tasks. Pretty clearly, this puts people management at the heart […]