Delta Publishing has been in existence since 1997, publishing mainly in the areas of Primary, Business English and Teacher Resource material. Our original aim was, and has remained, to provide teachers with innovative, creative and fundamentally practical material, which they may find difficult to find from larger publishers.

Delta Publishing grew largely out of the experience we had as ELT booksellers and the requests we were receiving from teachers and booksellers for more varied and innovative material. As the number of ELT publishers decreased, it seemed that so did the variety of material being offered to teachers. At the same time, practising teachers were coming to us with their ideas and it seemed the time was right to publish some of this material ourselves.

We have been extremely gratified by the reactions we have received from teachers to our material and welcome any comments you might have – on the material itself, on areas you would like to see covered in our future publishing programme, on this website… anything you want to tell us! It is only by communicating with our customers – practising teachers – that we can continue to provide useful and relevant material.